The next Annual Service will be held at 12 noon on Sunday June 12th 2016.

If you would like to attend it is essential to please download and complete the invitation form so we can ensure accurate numbers for catering. Please send the completed form to the address printed on it. If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary, Angela Perry on 01295 738123 or email angelaEAP@aol.com

As always we look forward to welcoming you all again – families, veterans, reunion groups, serving personnel and supporters. Coffee will be available on arrival and after the Service lunch will be served as usual in Drake Hall. There will be no tickets this year but we would be grateful if you could return the invitation form letting us know how many Chapel seats you require and how many meals. Last year was over catered so this aspect is really important for our planning and ordering purposes. As usual there will be a train collection service from Reading so if you need this service please ‘tick’ the box on the form. For guidance you would need to be at Reading Station by 11.00. Thank you!

The Trustees would like to hear from any family members or veterans would like to attend but who are or have been unable due to financial hardship or inability to travel distances unaccompanied. In these special circumstances it may be possible for the Trustees to give a measure of assistance to those who now find themselves unable to attend or have been regularly unable to attend as long as funds are available for this purpose. In this case a letter of application should be sent via the Secretary and will be treated with the utmost confidence.