Hymn & Prayer

Words by W. H. Moseley

We entrust to the Lord our lost brothers.
They responded to duty’s stern call,
And so far from their homes and their loved ones
Paid the price that is highest of all.
Flesh had failed them, but God was their saviour,
Bringing rescue from battle’s alarms;
Beyond death He is always their refuge,
Underneath, everlasting, His arms.

We commend to the Lord those who mourn them,
Loving parents and children and wives,
For whom pride in their selfless commitment
Has been countered by grief for lost lives.
When so many returned, theirs were absent,
Leaving long years of anguish to face;
May the Lord heal the wounds of bereavement
With the infinite power of His grace.

We commit to the Lord now our own lives,
And we vow in our turn to reply
To the call of the weak and the friendless,
Though the cost to ourselves may be high.
When the choosing is hard, may God grant us
The direction that strengthens and calms.
For we trust in the Lord as our refuge,
Underneath, everlasting, His arms.


Almighty God, maker of earth and sky and sea,
we give thanks for the freedom in which we
enjoy the beauty of the created world;
And we remember with gratitude and humility
those of our number who paid that freedom’s price.

May not only our memories, but our
commitment to, and through our association,
further the cause of justice, freedom and peace
in our country and in the world. In the name of
the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ… Amen